New Map

Because we want to give every player, also the new ones, a nice game experience, we are going to change the map this night. We will be installing a plugin which manages the world, so every user has enough ressources for him/her. We hope this plugin makes playing on our server more fun. If it doesn’t we can still switch back or disable the plugin in the new world. This will probably be the last time we change the map, and we hope you’re not too angry at us.

You will be able to download the old map from our website soon.

When the server comes down later, we will first enable a white-list. You will be able to connect later when we open the server again.


2 thoughts on “New Map

  1. You will still use the old address to get to the new map, obviously. But just a warning to you guys: THE SERVER WILL NOT LET YOU ON UNTIL THEY RELEASE IT TO THE PUBLIC. THE WHITELIST WILL MOST LIKLEY DENY YOU GETTING ON THE SERVER.

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