Map Resets, MC1.4 & User Removal

We reset the map yesterday. This was because we changed our grief protection plugin to Grief Prevention. Read and watch help videos about it here. There will also be another map reset in 2-3 weeks when Minecraft 1.4 is released. With the new plugin, the blocks you’re allowed to protect is limited, but the longer you were online, the more allowed protected blocks you will get. This number will not get reset in the next map reset. This means, the longer you’re online, the more blocks you will have available to protect with the next map reset.

Additionally all website users got removed (well all but the admins/mods). This was because we don’t need these user accounts and they can’t do anything anyway. What we now want to do is create a mailinglist where everyone of you can subscribe to. Every eMail you send there will get eMailed to all members! We can also send news to it and answer questions to many people at the same time. Also you can answer each others questions. More in the next news.

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