16 thoughts on “Another UC Server

  1. hi DJmine2 here, these are my suggestion
    1.hunger games
    4.pvp arena
    5.Olympic games
    7.mob fighting arena (a place where players work together to fight mobs floor by floor)
    and 8. parkour
    ill more suggestions when i think of some 😀

  2. Hey Bigghost101 here and a suggestion I have for another server like a parkour server because all my friends love parkour maps and we have been trying to find one so if it is possible I think you should make a parkour map.Also kinda of like..umm..do more than that like if you don’t want parkour then you can join another game in the same server like for example Skyblock or anything else.

  3. i think what would be cool is have like a 2 or three in 1 server, umm… like it has diffrent portals for diffrent thinks like survivle creative stuff like that

    • those are all game types. but yes im thinking about opening a games-only server so we dont have to rebuild stuff on map-resets and so the games are always available. so we could put up a server with really lots of games. maybe we’ll do that.

  4. you could make a horse thing. you could have horse ringrding, horse parkour and even horse race.

  5. hey perhaps just a bunch of mini games people have created..
    a kit PVP might be nice
    hunger games is a classic
    maybe… some sort of war map…. 2 big teams build forts and go at each other….
    errrr…… thats all i got…

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