Minecraft 1.7 and UnityCraft

Ok, 1.7 seems to come out on friday if everything goes well. We will be updating to 1.7 as soon as possible. Maybe on Monday or later. The prerelease of 1.7 is out and so we started a 1.7 server. If you want you can join it, everyone gets creative and can fly around. Just open your minecraft launcher and create a new profile. Call it “PreRelease” or something and then select “Enable experimental development snapshots” then select 1.7 prerelease. Then play using that profile. The server address is: unitycraft.de:25580

Here a link about the pre-release and how to play 1.7 pre: https://mojang.com/2013/10/minecraft-1-7-the-update-that-changed-the-world/

We wish you a lot of fun. ;D

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