A New Game!

Hello everyone, first of all I would like to say that after days of work with coding, building, thinking, wiring, designing, balancing and of course adding much fun to it as I can, I have finally finished my game Capture The Brick Flag, hand made, no special plugins! So after all the time Im not saying this cause its something I wanna hear but it turned out to be great and I know its gonna be very fun. There are many unique rules which I will add later on as there are too many rules to know how to play. But the most unique thing is there are 4 teams and all of them have a different strength so some teams cannot beat other teams while the bigger teams are hard to earn by only promotion. So simply, this game isn’t another one of those play and leave games but it actually continues to advance for more fun! But I have one problem. Due to exit functions I have to block builders from playing and let only premium and above play for now. I am very sorry but in the future I will fix this code for everyone to have fun and enjoy this great game! NEWLY ADDED HERE BY EDIT: Current Problems: Spawning at spawn after death instead of arena and when exiting game your ranks might not be correct.

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