RedRalus Inc.

Hello awesome players of unity craft! Daedralus here with the remake of the biggest company shop RedRalus Inc. once again!

One day I was out of ideas and I had this itch to build something awesome, something everyone needs. While my focuses were on a new game there were many players looking for items in chat at that perfect time. So I said why not build the company shop again? So I did. Bigger, stronger and taller with high-tech security and a custom ID Card system made by me everything just turned out awesome. So if you ever need anything just do “/warp redralus” and from there ask what you need and any worker currently on will assist you. A list of employees can  be found at the side walls just in case! But thats not all! With a path to the right you can access the RedRalus Special Stands to get 2 additional services! There you can find a redstone and a rare items stand. Redstone stand allows you to ask for a redstone build so me personally will come at some time and build your request at your very house! Or the special stand which sells special and discounted bundles and very very rare items. (Spawners obtained by silk touch, dragon eggs, nether stars, beacon bundles, etc.) So need anything? Come down to RedRalus Inc.! Where everything you can imagine is here…

-Redstone God Daedralus, Owner & CEO of RedRalus Inc.

4 thoughts on “RedRalus Inc.

  1. Yup, I am definitely a Redstone God! Do not deny it ;D

    But yes, I must admit this is such an advert but still this is something to help all of you in resources for any kind of build you might make 🙂

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