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Hello awesome players of unity craft! It is me Daedralus again on a somewhat annoying content which has been annoying us staff for some time and has been starting to occur a lot more for the past time. Claiming other people’s builds. Press read more to learn of all the details… So lately me and my staff friends were getting loads of complaints on the server that his/her house was claimed by someone else. Then we had to go and firstly check if the whole house was his/hers for real then delete the claim accordingly. It was ok for some time but now the number of claim-stolen builds have increased dramatically. But what is more surprising is that people sometimes ask me if they can claim this house they found that is not claimed. Well here is the answer for everyone. No! You cannot claim what is not yours! It is directly stealing someone else’s house, effort and time.

Note: From now and on is why you should not do this action. I have answered the main problem so it is your own choice to keep reading on. And please, do not claim what is not yours :).

Maybe the player didn’t have a golden shovel, maybe the player didn’t know how to claim, maybe the player didn’t finish the build yet to remember claiming or maybe the most simple answer; maybe the player did not have enough claim blocks. So for a hour or so delay to get these things completed, the player logs in to found their build claimed! Really people, this is not a good thing to do. Besides, you don’t gain anything. I mean you claim the house for what? We just come and unclaim it eventually but you still do the most damage to us staff without noticing. We, aside helping all of you as our main priority, also work on other things for the server and for everyones needs/entertainment and we really want to finish them fast as possible for earlier publishing. Well I will just centre myself here as an example. I constantly build games that fail or work just for the server to always have something to do. Or I build stuff for people’s needs like RedRalus. I see it very seriously but the whole point is to get you items that you need, or to get you the money you need and really no fancy company is really needed for selling business. But I give jobs as you know for people to have something to do, a way to gain their needs and everything even though jobs are limited. Well I really do think you get the point there so here is the conclusion. With this action you take, you are to mainly take us from our work to go to the build, check the whole house with core-protect to see if the player is telling the truth, check the trust list and then delete the claim if all went correct until then. But sometimes the player doesn’t know how to claim so we have to explain claiming and everything and it really gets to be very, very annoying if it just constantly happens. Thank you for reading this quite long message and sorry for the length really. I hope you understand us and see that there is no point of claiming someone else’s house to have the claim deleted by us and really wasting our time because of your 2 clicks. Have a nice day and enjoy your peaceful and fun play time on unity craft,


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