Map Reset

We now have a vote open to vote for players if we reset the map with 1.8. If we reset we will reset the whole map means you will lose all your stuff but money! If we don’t reset the spawn will be moved far out and everyone will keep their stuff and buildings. Please vote!

19 thoughts on “Map Reset

  1. Well there are new blocks right? If they are useful then Im for the reset but if not I want to keep meh island

    • new blocks are added with 1.8 but those blocks will also be available if we move the spawn far out. newly generated map parts will have the new blocks. so if we move the spawn far out, u just have to look that u dont get into old territory where the new blocks wont be.

  2. Have a map reset, Because (No offense) there are some really ugly things around the world.

    • there will always be ugly things. … just because there are ugly things shouldnt be the reason why everyone loses their buildings and items. imo

  3. I reckon we should have the map reset and in the new map there should be a thing where the new player gets put in a random location to avoid overcrowding at the spawn, but you can be given the option whether or not you want to be spawned in a random coordinate. it should also be reset so that the spawn can be cleared up a bit more for others to build shops as its hard to find a good spot in the spawn region.

  4. plz unban me… my ign is budder_tyler1 i dont know why i was banned? it dust said banned … i didngt greif or steal?

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