UC Temporary Server

We are running a temporary 1.8 server until the developers of Bukkit/Spigot release a version for 1.8 which supports plugin. Until then you can testplay 1.8 on the temporary server which is running now. Everything you build on the temporary server will get reset when we switch back to the real server.

You will keep your ranks and money on the real server but the map will be reset.

1 thought on “UC Temporary Server”

  1. Spigot/Bukkit got a DMCA takedown request and are down right now. There is a new server software beeing developed, but it takes time to be coded. Also the bukkit plugins wont work with that software, so everything has to be coded/recoded. Until Sponge (the new server software) releases a version, we will be running the temporary server.

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