The Time Is Near!

Hello everyone! As you know a very special date is approaching and we are going to celebrate it here as well! I have been working on some fun events and competitions so make sure you come along and join them! I might be going away in a few days but I will still try to finish up everything and perhaps have my admin friends run the event if I am gone! Other than that here is the information you need to know!

Date: 24th of December (Sorry I am going on the 25th so I have to do this at the 24th!)

Location: Spawn, IceRalus and other. Teleports will be done when requested!

Information: Christmas event full of competitions with nice prizes! This event is open to everyone and even staff members can join if they wish! Have a nice Christmas and a holiday if you are on one!



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  1. If you have any ideas, feel free to suggest them out here or in game directly to me! I would appreciate all the ideas I can get for a longer lasting celebration!

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