The Zombie Apocalypse Begins…

Hello everyone, first of all, thank you for the quick responses for my survey! Enough players have taken the survey in such a short time so now I am excited to announce the game the majority of you chose!  Zombie Apocalypse! For more information about the game and even the next game coming up in the future, please press “Continue Reading”!

I, Daedralus and the_troll1 are currently creating the map and have decided to re-create the Black Ops 1 Zombies map:”Kino Der Toten”! However the coding and wiring will take much longer than the map building itself as it is already half finished! If you want to see the results of the survey, I can send you them so please ask. Current overall results: Zombie Apocalypse favorite, puzzle solving second, multi-player preferred, fantasy theme preferred and on. Note for the future, I might make a puzzle game considering these results. For now, all I can say is that it will be very similar to the game:”Portal”`co-op mode where 2 people have to solve puzzles together to proceed.

Other than that, I hope you are all excited as I am! Please know that the coding will NOT be easy for me and might even take up to months to make! So practice playing “Kino Der Toten” as we are creating ALMOST THE EXACT SAME GAME! Credits of course goes to TRIarc and whom ever are the creators of the map and the game mode…

Feel free to ask me or the_troll1 of our current progression, but other than that, please be patient, and of course, enjoy your time on the server! Have fun!


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