New “premium” Plugin, mcMMO running on UnityCraft! :)

We now have mcMMO running on UnityCraft. You can use everything with just builder rank. So have a lot of fun!! đŸ™‚ Just the Repair System is disabled.

Here its features:

  • Fully featured mmo-like party system
  • Localization
  • Robust Skills
  • Unique Skill Abilities
  • Skill Leaderboards
  • Skills that focus on fun gameplay rather than restriction
  • Follows an XP system like in an RPG/MMO
  • Addictive
  • Repair System
  • Admin Chat
  • Loads of RPG elements
  • Very Configurable – Want to make mining take 3x longer to level? You can.
  • MySQL Support
  • Sound effects for:
    • Abilities
    • Repair
    • Leveling

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