UnityCraft Plugins – what’s working again

Since now the following plugins are working half, or completely again:

  • DynMap (We increased the quality of generated images. some new textures are not yet implemented, some mobs can now be seen on dynmap)
  • mcMMO (works but brewing and other problems)
  • multiple Homes (works great, u can even invite others to your homes)
  • RoyalChat (replaced, new plugin works great)
  • WorldEdit (is said to work but no official support yet – running)
  • WorldGuard (is said to work but no official support yet – running)

So now still missing functionality:

  • Disguises
  • sitting on stairs
  • Holographic Displays (said to be updated in a couple of days)
  • SilkSpawners (the developer is working on an update to 1.9)
  • VanishNoPacket (I don’t know if theres any work beeing done)
  • ChestShop (has become inactive – we will look for an alternative)
  • Announce where someone comes from when they join (looking for replacement)

Ok that’s it for now. Have fun all! 🙂

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