5 thoughts on “Sorry! The map had to be reset again!

  1. wait what? The new map that replaced the old one was replaced? WTF?! Corrupted from WorldEdit? YOU DON’T TAKE BACKUPS? HOW DO YOU NOT TAKE BACKUPS?! -_-

  2. DAMNIT freaky, I spent lots of time playing on your server but now it’s WASTED!! Why, WHY DO YOU NOT DO BACKUPS?! IT’S COMMON SENSE! YOU HAVE TO DO BACKUPS!

  3. Well thats it, i’m not playing on your server if you don’t do backups.
    Unless you make it creative mode temporarily then i’ll happily play on it

  4. we have backups. but we decided to make a full reset. because it might have been possible that the lag came from the corrupted map. but that also wasnt true. still to be fair, we just reset it for everyone. backups are made daily.
    Btw, ill just remove all backups now and make a new one. Because it still contains data from old map.

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