UnityCraft Plugins – What’s working again #2!

Yo, current problems and fixes:

  • We know the server lags on world generation. This can not be fixed by us. We have to wait if a developer of Bukkit or Mojang directly fixes it.
  • bChatManager – fixed @player messaging.
  • bPermissions – fixed loading permissions on startup.
  • ChairsReloaded – updated to to 1.9. You can sit again! 🙂
  • mcMMO – Bats fly now! 🙂


  • Potions with mcMMO don’t work correctly.
  • and the problems not yet fixed from here.

All this will happen as soon as i can restart the server – currently we’re generating the DynMap world. Say in around 2 hours from now there will be a server restart.

Just to let you know, the fixes are not made by me, but by the developers of the plugin mentioned. Thank them! 😀


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