Here about the lag we’re experiencing

Check out this bugtracker from Spigot, the server software developers:

There you can see that Mojang is responsible. We hope that the devs of Spigot can fix it but it takes time. Keep in mind, we’re pre-generating the map to lower the lag issues to a minimum. It will take 2-3 more days!

Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Here about the lag we’re experiencing”

  1. Also here, the current map pre-generation process: 04.03 19:57:36 [Server] INFO [WorldBorder] [Fill] 8 more chunks processed (1451530 total, ~88.8%)

  2. Ohh so that’s what the worldborder was for; so it’s only temporary and it will be removed?’
    Nice that you are pre-generating the world; now you can see more on the dynmap and since the world is already generated, there wont be lag from players generating new chunks.

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