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Yo, we give away 2 times cloud space each 10GBs from Spaces can later be expanded. Here some info about it:


Where is it hosted and is it secure?

It is hosted on my (freakyy85) server. The data you put on there is encrypted using your password (AES 256bit). Never lose your password or your data is lost. You have the option to additionally encrypt everything using a second password known by me which makes everything recoverable. But it’s just an option. Every connection is secured using SSL (HTTPS/WebDAV).

What can I do with it?

You can do several things:

  • Save your files/pics/videos/backups and sync it with all your devices, or exclude folders from syncing.
  • Share your stuff, give others a link, and stream videos or let others download it from the cloud space.
  • Download sync clients for Android, OS X, Windows and Linux.
  • Create public folders where others can upload to.
  • Password protect everything and set expiration dates of shares.
  • Make file histories and restore old versions.
  • Data deleted is put in a trashbin rather than beeing deleted and kept for a week or so.

How much space do I get?

Well, you will get 10GBs at first. Later we can expand it if you need more.

How secure is my data on your server?

Well, the data is put on a SW-RAID1 array with 2 HDDs. That means data is mirrored on 2 HDDs. If one fails, the other one still works. We then exchange the defect HDD and resync everything.

Also we make daily backups to a backup server on which data is very safe against loss. The backups are kept for 2 weeks.

What about performance?

We have set up owncloud with allt he adviced tricks to improve performance. Like file locking with REDIS, MySQL instead of SQLite, MemCached for memory caching and more.

Is it free?

Well, it is free. But you’re always welcome to donate something to me.

How fast is your server?

  • Intel® Core™ i7-4770 Quad-Core Haswell incl. Hyper-Threading Technology
  • 32GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2 x 2 TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 rpm Class Enterprise (in Software RAID1)
  • Guaranteed Bandwidth for the whole server: 200Mbit/s
  • 500GB backup space

What should I do if I want an account?

If you’re interested, reply to this post on (not Facebook!). The first two people will get an account.

10 thoughts on “Cloud Space Giveaway

  1. Or you can get 15GB of space for free from Google that is stored in Google’s servers instead of some random dude’s homemade server…

      • Wherever it is, it is rented/operated by one person so it is one person’s server… I wouldn’t trust one person with my stuff when I can get more space from a large company like Google who many people trust and use.
        How much more space can you give?
        How long will you store people’s data?

  2. your stuff is encrypted on the server. offer the same service (using owncloud – the same I use) for money. also u cant get more than 15GBs from google for free. next step if someone wants more space would be 20GB from me I think. It takes some time until people fill up their space. How much more hm … maybe up to 50-100GB depending on how many people want it. The people data will be moved also to new servers and i dont think i will ever have no server so … i will host it for a long time. ;D several years at least.

    • I know it’s encrypted but the server could be shut down or something. Suppose you disappear or something like that?
      People could fill up their space instantly or never; they could fill it up instantly, with like backups or media.
      There are a lot of companies that give around 10-20GB for free so why use your service? If you offer more like 50-100GB then it would be more useful, as fewer hosts give 50-100GB for free (though some do exist).

      • i dont think i disappear int he next few years. until then i might have a solution for that. the service is not bad like you say. it has a lot of cool features. like the public folder where friends could upload stuff etc. as i said for the beginnig i offer 10GBs with the possibility to later expand the space.

  3. oh yes. HeyMyNameIsAnna (a mod) made me it. we were 3 people who had that mouth but now they all changed. im the only one left. but i like it.

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