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Hi. Because the developer of GriefPrevention stopped working on the project, and also has retired from Minecraft Plugin development, we will move to a new plugin called RedProtect World. It’s a great plugin and the developer helped me a lot this night. Here is a short overview of important things you might want to do using the new plugin. All old regions have been converted and during this process, the names etc. and welcome messages for the names have been autogenerated. So you might want to change the welcome and the region name:

  • /rp welcome <newWelcomeText> – Set the welcome text when people enter your area.
  • /rp rename <newRegionName> – Set the name of your region. <yourRegionName>: <welcomeText>
  • /rp info – See information about your claim.
  • /rp near – List near regions.
  • /rp border – Show the border of the region you’re standing in.
  • /rp list – List your claims.
  • /rp am – Add a member to your claim.
  • /rp flag – To set flags like, is pvp allowed, flight allowed, monster spawn etc. šŸ™‚
  • /rp al – Add leader, add a leader to your claim. You might not want to do this as that’s your own permission level aswell.
  • /rp aa – Add admin, add an admin of your claim.

For info about the differences of admin, leader and more, visit:

For a wand which gives info about claims, use a paper.


2 thoughts on “New Claims Plugin (please read!)

  1. The plugin is really cool and good for villages but there is only 1 thing i dont like and its that you can not make SubClaims into the claim so making villages where other people can live is almost impossible if you are trying to claim all of the land :I

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