New ARK Server (Ragnarok, 10x & 25x)

Yo, we have a new ARK server for the map Ragnarok. It has the following rates:

  • 10X XP
  • 10X Taming
  • Harvest Amount Multiplier: 7X
  • PlayerCarryWeight: 10X
  • DinoCarryWeight: 10X
  • EggHatch: 25X
  • BabyMatureSpeed: 25X

Also it has these mods:

  • Auction House (make auctions, not just server wide but global to all servers connected to the public auction house)
  • Postal Service (write each other offline mail)
  • Structures+ (have several new structures, and improved structures: automatically opening/closing doors, stairs where you can’t fall off and much much more)
  • Awesome Teleporters (teleport from everywhere to a stationary teleporter or from stationary teleporter to stationary teleporter)
  • Upgrade Station (upgrade your tools)
  • Dino Tracker (finds your corpse, your dinos and more)

If you want, join this server. Go here for more info (it’s the Ragnarok server so 2nd one):


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