UnityCraft.de moves (NEW IP!!!) –> NextGamers.eu

Because every website domain costs money, I decided to move UnityCraft.de to NextGamers.eu. So, please from now on, use nextgamers.eu as IP when connecting to the old UnityCraft. It works and it’s the same server, just a different name. Also please if you are interested in the future of UnityCraft, like the Facebook page or subscribe to the Twitter account of NextGamers. Here a link: https://www.nextgamers.eu/2018/07/30/now-on-facebook-and-twitter/

2 thoughts on “UnityCraft.de moves (NEW IP!!!) –> NextGamers.eu”

  1. Well, i just wanted to give my honest apologies for my horrible behaviour, i no joke just thought my little build would be put off as a dumb prank, but turns out ky3ak wasnt so happy about it, and so be it, i dont know if ill ever be forgiven for what i have done, if there is just a slim chance for me to get unbanned on the server, then ill do anything to get that chance, sincerely Tiem0002, or more commonly known as Tiemen (yes thats my IRL name)

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