For new people, please start with the “Your first 10 minutes” page.

As a new player you can play normal minecraft freebuild survival on UnityCraft and also play some mini games. Later you can get the Premium Rank for $8000 inGame money and get special privileges. To see what you can do when you have premium, visit this page. Help about how to claim your land is here. If you need more information about available ranks visit this page.


  • /rtp – Teleport yourself to a random location (only works in the normal world).
  • /sethome <[name]> – Set your default home spawnpoint or spawnpoint with [name].
  • /home <[name]> – Go to your home spawnpoint or the one you specify.
  • /home help – Get info about all /home commands.
  • /homes – List your homes.
  • /homed <name> – To delete your homes.
  • /setdefaulthome <name> – Set your default respawn point.
  • /return – Bring you back to where you last were.
  • /warps – Lists all warps.
  • /warp [warppoint] – _Teleports to [warppoint].
  • /balance – See how much money you have.
  • /pay <nick> <amount> – Pay someone money.
  • /tpa <nick> – Asks <nick> if you may teleport to him/her.
  • /call <nick> – Asks <nick> if he/she wants to be teleported to you.
  • /trc – Teleportrequestcancel. Cancels your teleport request.
  • /back – Brings you back to your deathpoint or where you last teleported from.
  • /warns – List your warnings (not much used anymore).
  • /mail – Help about the mail system. (Send each other mails!)
  • /ignore <player> – Ignore other players chat.
  • /recipe <itemname> – See how something is crafted.
  • /sort help – Help about sorting your inventory and chests. /sort top is default.
  • /ch uc & /ch ucrp – Change chat channels – ucrp is for roleplay only – uc is to get back to the the normal chat.
  • /namehistory <player> – Show the namehistory of <player>.
  • /AutoSort chests – toggles automatic chest sorting on or off.
  • /AutoSort inventory – toggles automatic personal inventory sorting on or off.
  • /DepositAll – dumps your backpack loot into nearby chests, assuming a chest with very similar items can be found.
  • /colorcodes – Display all the color codes etc.
  • /petm setowner <nick> – Gives a Minecraft pet (tamed pet, not MyPet) to another player.
  • /wv – WeatherVote – The name says it all. Use “/wv help”.
  • /tv – TimeVote – The name says it all. Use “/tv help”.
  • /reg – Register your account and protect it with a pin.
  • /lck – Lock your account without disconnecting from the server with the registered pin (/lck /lock)



Craft two or more elevator blocks and then place one ave the other (with some distance). Then walk on one of the blocks and press JUMP to go up, and CROUCH to go down.

Extra recipes:


You can catch mobs when throwing eggs at them. It costs 4€ per mob catch. Also you can’t catch Creeper, Blaze nor Ghast.