Premium, Dedicated and VIP

Here you can find out what advantages you have when you become a Premium User (Dedicated and VIP have the same permissions). First of all, you have reserved slots. On weekends the server often gets crowded and so you might want to have a reserved slot. You can always join, even if the server is full. Also you can write in colors and bold etc.. If you want to know how, visit this link. You also can have a pet as premium user. Read this about pets.

To promote yourself to Premium press the Promotion Button at spawn. It is behind you when you type /spawn.

Also you get access to the following extra commands and recipes.

Extra commands:

  • /d [creature] – Disguises you as one of: pig, cow, chicken, villager, mooshroom, ocelot, wolf and all their baby forms – /u to undisguise. unavailable right now
  • /particles – Have effects around you.
  • /fly – Fly! 🙂
  • /wv – Start a Weather Vote
  • /tv – Start a Time Vote

Extra recipies:


With VIP you have mcMMO special perks.