Here you can find help about games.


You can join all games also by going through our minigames world portal at the main spawn. There you can click signs to join the different games.

BattleArena and addons:

For now you can join Paintball, Spleef, Arena and CTF games. To do this type:

  • /ctf join – for CTF
  • /pb join – For Paintball
  • /spleef join – For Spleef
  • /arena join – For PvP Arena

Sometimes there are tourneys, then you need to type /tourney join.

If you want to duel others you can use the duel command like: /pb duel <player>.  You can also have a look at /team help for help about creating teams and dueling others as team.

Connect 4:

You can also play Connect 4. For this type one of:

  • /c4 join c4
  • /c4 join c42

Leave Connect 4 by typing:

  • /c4 leave


You can play Infected by typing:

  • /inf join

To leave:

  • /inf leave