This page will help you learn and understand how to use the plugin “MyPet”. It’s for premium players! 🙂

  1. First step is to create a lead or to find one – for more information visit this link:
  2. Then use the lead to kill a mob to become your MyPet. Once you have killed your mob it is now your pet.
  3. Click this link to visit the plugins website for more detail:

Useful commands:

/petbehavior [mode]

  • toggles the behavior your MyPet.
  • Modes:
    friendly → the MyPet will not fight even when it’s attacked by anything
    normal → the MyPet will act like a normal wolf
    aggressive → attacks automatically everything within 15 blocks of the owner
    farm → attacks automatically every Monster within 15 blocks of the owner
    raid → like normal but the MyPet will not attack players and their minions (wolves, ocelot, MyPets)
    duel → pets will attack other pets with active duel behavior within a 5 block radius
  • opens the inventory of your MyPet.


  • show all available MyPet commands.
    /petinfo [username]
      • show the following info about your or another player’s MyPet.
        hit points
        owner (only when MyPets isn’t yours)
        skill tree

/petname [new-pet-name]

  • set the name of your MyPet.

/petrelease [pet-name]

  • release your MyPet so you don’t have a MyPet anymore


  • teleports your MyPet to you.


  • send your MyPet away.
  • it can be still called by using the /petcall command

/petskill [playername]

  • shows info about the skills of your MyPet


  • switch your pet.
  • use “/petswitch” store to store your current pet.